Egencia Primary_character_(final).png

Egencia Business Travel

Client: Egencia

AD: Dylan Mullins

A series of illustrations used in-house that exemplify the heuristic services the company provides for business travelers and the lifecycle of the customer experience.

Egencia Primary_character_(final).png
Egencia_Heuristic panel_2 (final).png

Egencia_Heuristic panel_5 (final).png
Egencia_Heuristic panel_3 (final).png

Egencia_Heuristic panel_6 (final).png

Egencia_Life Cycle panel_3 (final).png
Egencia_Life Cycle panel_2 (final).png

Egencia_Life Cycle panel_4 (final).png
Egencia_Life Cycle panel_6 (final).png

Egencia_Heuristic panel_1 (final).png
Egencia_Life Cycle panel_5 (final).png