Character Studies

Movember Men

I created this portrait series of mustachioed gentlemen to help raise funds and awareness during Movember, the annual worldwide facial-hair-challenge that supports the fight against prostate cancer.

Drawing Downton

Personal Series based on the addictive drama series.


Bar Brawlers 

As a bookish lad, I'm fascinated by the kind of people who are more tough and aggressive that myself. This is the kind of crew I'd hope to have my back in a bar fight.

Astro Dame  Ruling the galaxy with an atomic scepter, Astro Dame is doomed to battle her own unrealistic expectations and the maddening rebellions of her unruly subjects. 

Good Hair Day

Last year, I issued myself a personal challenge to create one painting per day for the entire month, on the theme of crazy or interesting hairstyles. These are the best results of that glamorous experiment.

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